FAQ and Policies

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

-- A virtual assistant is someone who is outsourced to help with administrative, marketing and social media duties.

How can a VA help my business?

--It's hard to be a small business owner! There are lots of hats to wear as an entrepreneur and never enough time. By outsourcing some tasks to a VA, you can boost your productivity, focus on the tasks that really matter and grow your business. Using a VA can reduce costs associated with a standard employee by hiring them remotely (no overhead) just for specific as-needed tasks.

What services do you offer?

--I offer a wide range of administrative, social media, marketing and business services.  If you don't see exactly what you need, please feel free to reach out to see if I can meet your needs! You can contact me here.

What are your standard office hours?

--My standard office hours are 8:30-3pm Monday-Friday (excluding US Holidays).  I do often work later into the evenings and weekends as time allows. I am located in the Central Standard Timezone (Missouri, USA.)

How quickly can you complete work?

--As always, I try to complete projects for clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Smaller projects may be completed in 24-48 hrs and larger ones may take a week or more. Timelines for completion are based on the size of the task requested and may vary.  Please discuss your timeline needs with me.

What is your educational background and work experience?

--I hold the graduate degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) as well as an undergraduate degree of Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. For a number of years I have worked as a successful online seller.  I have experience working in corporate, publishing, administration and more.  You can learn more about my education and work experience in my Professional Profile.

Billable Hours

--Any agreed upon services, including scheduled telephone/video calls (excluding the free consultation call), are considered billable hours.  E-mails and text messages with clients will not be billed.

Invoicing & Payment

--For standard services listed in my “Product” section payment will be processed via website checkout.  If the need arises for a custom-arranged servicenagreement, invoicing through Paypal can be arranged.

Referral Bonus

--Word of mouth is important for small businesses. Referrals are always welcome.  If an existing client refers a new client, I will gift a $25 ‘store credit’ to the referring client that me be used on a service of their choosing.  This gift card will be made available after the new client’s first purchase of services.

 Privacy & Confidentiality

--Client information will never be disclosed or sold to third parties or made public without the client’s permission unless I am legally obligated to do so.  All customer data, information and projects will be kept confidential. 

Social Media

--I do like to share and support other small businesses and will advertise your business website on my sites, unless specially asked not too. Sharing and networking within small businesses can help us all grow.

Policy & Price Changes

--I reserve the right to change my policies and service prices at any time. Sales, discounts and or promotions are only valid during the time offered and are not valid on past or future services/agreements.

Agreement & Termination

--As a part of the virtual assistant/business relationship, I ask clients to sign an agreement to protect the working relationship. I will commence work after the client reads the agreement and indicates an understanding of said agreement by signing it.  Either of us is free to terminate the working relationship at any point, with the understanding that the business will be billed for any completed work and unpaid costs if relevant.  By purchasing services, you agree to these policies and statements on how my services are offered.